It me:)

I’d like to start with what is likely the burning question on your mind. My Enneagram number. Imma 7. So glad you asked!

In all seriousness, I’m a simple Mamma who finds beauty and joy in the smallest, mundane things. Even when all the crap is piling up my nature is to unearth hope. And this is the lens in which I create and photograph everything.

If I could cram a bunch of things that I love, into a day, it would probably look like I was staring in a Masterpiece Theater episode. Riding a train in Scotland, rain splattered windows, sifting through old photographs, all while solving a heinous crime in time for afternoon tea. The uge.



(for your viewing pleasure I included a pic of my Mom and I after our 90’s Mary Kay makeover and a pic of me now. I’ve really come along way.)