Welp, I took the kids camping ...BY MYSELF...with maybe a little help from, my frand, vodka).

When we arrived I realized there wasn't any service and a huge wave of panic pushed into me. No connection to the world, no social media. The anxiety was so telling and it became clear this was exactly what needed to happen.


And then INSTANTLY everything slowed down.

We spent each morning, and evening, by a fire that we tended together and then he kids would trail off, finding secret worlds by the river. 

While they explored I tried to focus, to read, to be productive (gahahahah) and every. single. time. my mind was pulled away by the sounds of water dispersing over giant tree roots. It was music. It was the most perfect symphony and I couldn't do anything but listen. 

I kept wondering what it would be like, who would we become, if this was our reality forever? Or even just a week? We'd likely turn into crazy ass hermits....or maybe, just maybe, our hearts and minds would be transformed for the better.  In just two days I saw a side to my kids I hadn't seen in so long. They were content. They were alive. They were grounded and thoughtful and imaginative. And it made me feel a connection to them I thought might be lost.  So, this new year, as we journey through homeschooling, we will be creating a lot more time for slowing down and being together in these wild, unknown places, God created for us.

And if it also involves having friends along, some good beer, and not-sucky camping gear then it will be all the better:)

Do y'all camp, or glamp? I'd love to hear your experiences!